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Spring use:

This is how it works:
Place your topsoil, being sure that there are not any additives in the topsoil that will kill your worm do not use any miracle grow. We recommend  2 bags of  3 cubit peat moss 75% with 1 bag of  50lbs  black cow 25% mixed. Then place your plants in the side and on top. Place a two gallon catch can under the garden for excessive run off  which will be worm tea that can be use on other plant or pour back in but only do this once a week all other can be used on other plant which intern will make a prettier and healthier plant or flower. 

   As you mix the black cow and peat in a separate container, be sure to mix  75% - 25% or three to one shovel ratio and add a gallon of water after each layer and mix in then layer then place plants and repeat until the garden is full.  Then place top plants in top of garden, giving the plants room to grow. Then dig small hole in the center to place 1 pound of worms, then cover the worms lightly with soil. Take the cap off the center tube. The center tube is used for composting to feed the worms and the plants.  Place some dead leaves, kitchen scraps, etc. No meat or oily type products. in the center tube and the holes provide an easy access to the compost.

 which then the worm will eat and come back to the soil bed to leave their casting in which is a organic plant food that will make a better and healthier garden as you will see…

  Fall  & Winter Garden:

​Do as suggested above and to bring indoors place in a south facing window or place a grow light over head on a timer of 14 – 16  hours for optional growth and use self-pollenating plants  because of the lack of bee’s in the winter time and also being indoors .

This is a new idea on a old food grade food barrel. Here at J & R Worm Farm, we have found an easy and cost effective way of growing and enjoying an organic garden.

     By placing your favorite  vegetables or plants to grow in vertical garden, it allows you to garden in a limited space with very little work. All that has to be done is to place you favored plants, crops, herbs, flowers in the sleeves on the side. It is recommended that the biggest plants are placed in the bottom sleeves like tomatoes, or vine-like plants then a smaller plants on the top being sure not to block out the sun like for the lower plants.


​​​Live Colored and Non Colored Nightcrawlers freshwater Bait

Vertical Recycable Worm Gardens